Information about Schooling during COVID-19

Advice about COVID-19 Restrictions 2021

All arrangements and restrictions are based on advice from Catholic Education Canberra and Goulburn, in conjunction with ACT Health.


Catholic Education Canberra and Goulburn have updated their 'COVID-19 Information and Updates' webpage. It contains all the latest advice to ACT Catholic Schools and links to necessary ACT government pages and services.

Sacred Heart advise of the following continuing social-distancing arrangements on our grounds. Our response will be adapted as the advice changes. 

  1. Students & Staff must quarantine following ACT quarantine and testing regulations if they have travelled from a COVID Hotspot or Overseas. Families are required to please contact us if this applies to your family.

    Please see ACT Health webpage for information regarding COVID Hotspots:

  2. Adults. We need to continue monitoring the number of adults in the building under social distancing guidelines. This will mean:

    1. Parents and carers are welcome onto the school grounds at morning drop off and afternoon pick up, similar to pre-COVID times! You must keep 1.5m apart from adults and children not in your family group.
    2. Friday school assemblies are still cancelled, with awards being given out and photographs published on Facebook.
    3. All visitors entering the building still need to enter via the front office. Please sign-in, use the Check In CBR app and sanitise upon entry.
    4. We look forward to having volunteers working with us in the classrooms and at sporting events.
  3. Hygiene. Students, staff and visitors are required to continue regular, and thorough, hand cleaning and personal hygiene routines.
  4. Illness. Students and staff who are displaying signs of illness are not to attend school, even if it is simply light flu or cold-like symptoms. Parents and carers will be asked to collect your child if they appear unwell. Please follow ACT Health guidelines around testing and seek medical advice regarding illness and returning to school.

Can I send hand sanitiser and tissues to school with my child? 

Yes, in fact we encourage you to do so. Whilst the school has a supply in key locations, should students wish to use their own in addition to that, this would further enhance our hygiene measures at school.

What if my child has cold or flu-like symptoms? 

No children are to attend school if they are showing any cold or flu-like symptoms or running a temperature. They must remain at home and stay away from school until they are no longer showing symptoms or have attended a GP who has instructed that they are fit and safe to return. All regular absentee procedures regarding advising the school of absence apply.

What if my child becomes unwell during the school day? 

Our usual first aid/sick bay procedures apply, and you will be contacted to collect your child should he/she become unwell at school. We ask that if you are contacted to collect your child that you do so as soon as possible so we can limit the number of students waiting in our front office. Our front office staff are first aid trained.

Staff or children at school experiencing symptoms compatible with COVID-19 (e.g. fever, cough, sore throat, shortness of breath, temperature) will be isolated in an appropriate space with suitable supervision.

User Guides for Online Platforms

1.  Guides from CECG about logging into Microsoft Teams in the school environment via iPad, chromebook and Windows. Also tips to setup for remote learning. Click here 

A similar page is addressed to students in Yr3-6. Click here

2. Mr Fox has created a collection of guides to get us connected. Click Here

Connecting to a TEAMS meet TEAMS_meet.MP4


3. Microsoft Teams can be accessed online or downloaded (recommended) to a home or mobile device. Explore this quick-start guide or watch the introductory video that enables your student to get going with Teams right away. 

4. How to join Google Classroom as a student. Guide


5. Mathletics Quick Student Guide (3 minute overview of site)

    Mathletics Homepage for more detailed guides (scroll down the page)

Wellbeing Support

A list of sites and networks to support family wellbeing

  1. Family_Wellbeing_Support_Resources_CE_COVID_19
  2. eSafety
  3. Parent Link ACT
  4. Building Resilience in Young People Andrew Fuller on Youtube

Resources to support children during the pandemic
  1. Emerging minds
  2. Emerging minds has also published an extensive 'Community Truama Tool Kit' with tools an ideas to support wellbeing 
  3. How to help young children regulate their emotions and behaviours during the pandemic Generation Next

  4. Coronavirus Q&As: Answers to 7 questions your kids may have about the pandemic Generation Next

  5. How to talk to your children about coronavirus: top 10 questions answered Generation Next